Eating Out without Killing Your Healthy Lifestyle

One of the biggest questions I get in my clinic is how to eat at a restaurant. When it comes to eating at a restaurant, prepare yourself for a “good, better, best” situation. You can ALWAYS find a good choice if you look for it! Try to find a piece of meat or fish with veggies, a great salad with plenty of protein (dressing on the side or ask for olive oil and lemon). Another great choice is soups without dairy or pasta. SEND THE BREAD BASKET AWAY!

Usually by the time you make it to the restaurant, get seated, and order your food, you are “starving”. I suggest you order clean appetizers, or soup right away and some sparkling or regular water with lemon/lime. Your food will come soon enough! When you are all done and don’t have that full and bloated feeling, you will be so proud of yourself. You will feel so good that you will not want to jeopardize your progress with “fillers”.

We often talk about peer pressure with teenagers, but it goes on as much in the adult world as it does in high school. Almost everyone has friends that drink a little too much or eat unhealthy and we try to fit in by doing the same thing. We don’t like questions about our diet or being teased so we give in. Maybe it’s time for you to start having conversation about healthy food and your goals with these friends. They are probably having some of the same pains and ailments from their personal eating habits as well! It is time for sharing your knowledge and experiences with your loved ones. We are the 37th sickest nation in the world and we spend more on healthcare than any other country in the world. Does anyone else find this disturbing? You can be the inspiration for change in your own circle of friends and loved ones. Go for it!

If you are feeling hungry (even an hour or two after your meal) you probably did not eat enough good fats. The biggest myth, which is tragic, is that the media has made us believe that fats are bad for you. Trans fats found in processed foods ARE BAD for you! Nice, beautiful, clean, nutritious essential fats found in avocados, nuts, grass fed meat, wild fish, and clean organic oils (coconut, olive, sesame, etc.) are ESSENTIAL to our health. Our brain cannot function without these fats! Our connective tissue does not have elasticity without these fats. Our body cannot produce hormones without these fats. Make sure you are putting extra virgin, cold pressed, organic olive oil on your salads, eating eggs, nuts, seeds and wild salmon, and even taking a teaspoon of organic coconut oil every day. Dr. Perlmutter, (interviewed on Dr. OZ and Oprah), one of the top Neurologist in the US and top expert in neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s, MS, and Parkinson’s is a huge proponent of eliminating grain from our diets and consuming lots of good fats and veggies. Your healthy lifestyle does not need to suffer just because you are dining out with friends!

Health and Happiness, Dr. Sarah