Losing weight is hard and sometimes we just don’t want to change our diet! It is nice to be able to lose some weight and still be able to eat the foods we are used to. Here are some ways that you might be able to start losing weight, WITHOUT changing your diet!

  1. Colon Hydrotherapy or Coffee enemas

Colon Hydrotherapy and coffee enemas both help to clear out the colon and eliminate the waste buildup. When someone undergoes one of these treatments, they initially notice the immediate loss of pounds and even a reduction in the size of their waist. This helps them to stop feeling bloated, to lose some weight, and to clean their body out! Cleaning out the body helps to release the toxic buildup and helps you to lose weight easier after the treatment!

Colonics and enemas provide almost the same benefits, but colonics do provide a deeper level of cleansing since there is more water to cleanse the bowel. Colonics must be done by a professional, while coffee enemas are done in home. This is a simple way to see an immediate loss in weight and to help you get a kick start in losing weight!

       2.  Reduce your stress

Stress releases a hormone called cortisol which increases our sugar cravings! Often times when we crave something it is hard to say no to it! So by simple reducing the stress level you will be able to get rid of the sugar cravings and lose weight! Cortisol also interacts with insulin and causes more fat to be put on your body! By eliminating some stress with meditation, restful night sleeps, aromatherapy, and other stress relieving activities you can begin to lose weight!

       3.  Sauna

The saunas extreme heat of at least 104℉ works by penetrating into your skin and melting the subcutaneous fat! In just a 30 minute session, with high enough heat you can burn 600 calories or more. The heat helps you sweat out toxins, acids, and gas and get the debris out of your body! When you get rid of the toxins in your body, you are able to work more efficiently and burn fat the way that your body was designed to do. It helps to get your metabolism back into gear when you get rid of the toxins and gunk slowing it down.  

       4.  Exercise

I know everyone says this, but it really is important. Adding in just a little bit of exercise daily helps to get your blood flowing, your heart rate up, and burns your fat. If you do not have time to go to the gym, try some simple at home exercises or go for a walk after dinner. Try doing some squats while you wait for your food to cook, or even do some push ups during a commercial break! Adding exercise into your daily routine might help your body to start losing that annoying fat!

5.   Water

Drinking water is essential because it helps to cleanse your body of toxins in two ways! The first way is by going through the kidney. When there is enough water in your body, the kidney is able to attach toxic molecules that have been building up in your body to the water which you then excrete out! The second way that water helps rid you of toxins is it helps to maintain regular bowel movements. These are important to get rid of the toxins and that waste build up and help you lose weight. Toxins cause the liver to not work correctly and the liver regulates our metabolism so if that’s not working then neither is our metabolism! Cleaning our bodies of the toxins help the liver to revamp our metabolism and help us lose weight!

Try doing some of these and see if they are helpful in your weight loss journey!


Health and Happiness

Dr. Sarah