The Top 3 Things That Will Create Optimal Health

The Top 3 Things That Will Create Optimal Health

One of my favorite things in practice is making it simple for you to get healthy. I’ve create a personalized system for each and every one of you that addresses the 3 main issues that cause inflammation, sickness, and disease.
There are only 3 reasons why you every get sick! By understanding these three pivotal points in your health you can improve almost anything. The three reasons are: Nutrient Deficiency, Toxicity, and Stress.

1. Nutrient Deficiency
If you are nutrient deficient in today’s world it’s because we are used to processed food, soda and microwave meals that are not only nutrient deficient but also steal our body’s nutrient reserves. We are also dealing with a crisis of over farming that creates nutrient depleted soil that causes our food supply to be nutrient poor as well as introducing pesticides into our systems. Getting your children to eat any vegetables is difficult enough in American homes today much less getting them to eat solid, organic vegetables in the amounts their bodies need to support optimal health. We are also dealing with the issue of Genetically Modified Food (GMO) which is covered in heavy doses of pesticides and herbicides. They toxic and they also have properties that strip vital nutrients from your body.
At the Optimal Living Institute we evaluate your deficiencies and create a comprehensive, scientific approach to your diet and supply potent supplementation to get your body back on track and heal quickly.

2. Toxicity
80,000 toxic chemicals have been released into our environment since the dawn of the industrial revolution, and very few have been tested for their long-term impact on human health. The average newborn baby has 287 known toxins in his or her umbilical cord blood! Prescription medications are at an all time high and these toxins create anything from hormonal disturbances, immune system problems and cancer. Toxic foods (and prescription medications) create the following in our bodies:

Water Retention
Food Cravings
Trouble Losing Weight
Skin Problems
Canker Sores
Puffy, Dark Circles Under the Eyes
Premenstrual Syndrome
Other Menstrual Disorders
Bad Breath

Muscle aches
Joint Pain
Sinus Congestion
Postnasal Drip
Excessive Sinus Problems
Foul-Smelling Stools
Sleep Problems
Difficulty Concentrating

Knowing that we are toxic is one thing but knowing how to get rid of the toxicity effectively has become an art. It’s not as simple as going to the grocery store and jumping on the latest fad in a box or jar. Taking a comprehensive history and examining your exposure to certain toxins is key in personalizing your treatment in order to achieve the best, long lasting results possible. Toxic bodies create toxic environments that have a high level of stress and we all know that stress is a “silent killer”.

3. Stress
Not only are Nutrient Deficiency and Toxicity huge stressors on the body but mental, emotional, and spiritual stress can sometimes be worse. In my practice I’ve found that a person can have a really great diet and be on a great nutritional path but still feel really bad and have multiple physical issues when going through a move, a divorce, tending to sick family members, etc. The amount of stress hormones produced during times of stress can be very destructive and lead to loss of sleep, immune system issues, inflammation and overall dis-ease. It can be a domino type effect. Until you address the stress component to your health you will have a very difficult time healing. At the Optimal Living Institute we address all components of stress and take into account all factors that could affect your overall health.

Which one of these three factors impacts your life the most?

Whichever factor is hitting you the hardest, we will address all aspects in order to accomplish your personal Optimal Health and get you back on the healthy lifestyle path. Contact us and start your path to discover how good Optimal Health can feel today!